Mighty hot dogs for everyone

Nutritional Facts

We're 100% Plant-based

We’re committed to providing a great tasting new perspective on vegan diets that’s creative, healthy and fun. Our mission is to inspire people to up their intake of plant-based meals to at least once a week. By choosing more sustainable and ethical options you're not only helping the environment and the animals, but also improving your personal health.

0% Cholesterol

Since all of our ingredients are 100% plant-based — cholesterol can only be found in animal-derived foods — our hot dogs are a healthier option. We believe great tasting food shouldn't be bad for you, so you can enjoy fast food that is healthy, nutritious and wholesomely good for you.

Also low in fat

The joys of life shouldn't come at the expense of your health, so we carefully picked all that goes into our hot dogs to be low in fat without losing any flavour. Our tasty organic tofu sausages and homemade plant-based toppings are naturally low in calories. Keep the craving, lose the waistline.

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